In Fatal Faultlines, veteran journalist Irfan Husain examines the motivations and attitudes of shaping Pakistani and Muslim attitudes toward America. Drawing on personal experiences, interviews and decades of observations, he explains how different perceptions and misunderstandings have poisoned attitudes on both sides.

Foreword by New York Times bestselling author of TALIBAN, Ahmed Rashid

Release Date: November 15, 2011
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“The best, the best, history of science fiction I have ever read...An unbelievably wonderful book”
—Isaac Asimov

Hugo Winner, Best Non-Fiction

The World Beyond the Hill by Nebula and Hugo Winning Alexei Panshin and Cory Panshin

A Phoenix Pick Book
ISBN 978-1-60450-443-9
676 Pages, Hardcover 6.14”x9.21”
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CERES by L. Neil Smith
Finalist for the Prometheus Award (winner to be announced at 2011 Worldcon)

A Collection of Classics Like No Other: Ideal Format for College Students
Series Editor and Commentary: Paul Cook
Additional Commentary: (Select Titles): Alexai and Cory Panshin

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